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This form of dance can trace its roots back to the late 1960's. It became popular when Michael Jackson began locking and popping. It is a form of dance which most backing dancers use on Pop Videos. There are many styles, including Locking, Popping, Ticking etc. We have Street Dance classes available for all ages and abilities. 

Our street dance teachers are all N.A.T.D qualified and

We offer NATD Street Exams, from Rainbow (3 to 8 years) to National Awards for all ages.


Freestyle Dance started in 1977, with the release of the film Saturday Night Fever. It was then called "Disco Dancing". It gave young people the opportunity to dance without a partner, and move to modern music. Although it was thought to be a "Phase" and likely to be "short lived", it is still as popular today, as it was way back then. Freestyle Dance allows the individual dancer freedom to express themselves from within. We have a Freestyle dance class available for all ages and abilities. 

Our Freestyle teacher is N.A.T.D qualified and we offer NATD Freestyle exams (ages 3 to 8 years) through to National Awards for all ages.


Commercial is the type of dancing seen in pop artist's music videos, tours and films, and it encompasses many different styles of dance. These styles can be those such as hip hop and street. It is upbeat and empowering, and channels creative choreography which makes for a fun and energetic dance class!

Some of our N.A.T.D qualified teachers teach different takes on the usual street and freestyle dance with incorporating energetic and entertaining, commercial dances for our annual show.

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